Move over Facebook, WhatsApp is a growing place for news sharing


Now a days WhatsApp had become the most popular social app since it has started, most of the people in India and all over the world use whatsapp as a medium of communication.

According to Digital News Report 2017, which conducted the research in 30 countries and five continents, use whatsapp. WhatsApp at 15 per cent is followed by Facebook Messenger, which is used by 8 per cent of people for news. Snapchat and Viber stand at 2 per cent, while WeChat for news is used by 1 per cent as the report says. While Apple news in UK, USA, Australia and other couriers use 25 percent users.

The report points out that 51 per cent people have used WhatsApp for sharing news in a given week in Malaysia, but only 3 per cent in the US. Nic Newman, Research Associate, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism attributes WhatsApp’s growth as news platform to factors like price, privacy and so on.

WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger are quite popular for sharing news in Hong Kong given the apps offers end-to-end encryption, Price is also a factor, with free WhatsApp use often bundled in with phone contracts. Many of these apps also offer encryption, which is particularly relevant for communication in markets where it can be dangerous to share politically sensitive information.

Less than 24 percent people think social media as a vehicle of spreading news. However, people tend to hold mainstream media responsible for distrust as people still consume a vast majority of the news from mainstream media, the report suggests.

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