ICICI Bank Launches Eazypay Mobile App For Merchants Accept Cashless Payments


As the KOTAK bank has launched Kotak 811 app, YES bank has its own to make society cashless, now ICICI Bank has launched Eazypay mobile app so that grocers, retailers, can transfer money with ease without any cash in hand.

ICICI Bank person said that through this app users can pay money via this banking app through Unified Payment Interface (UPI), any credit/debit card and internet banking.

The bank’s MD and CEO Chanda Kochhar confesses, “At ICICI Bank, we have proactively undertaken various measures to accelerate the shift to a digital economy”.

They are using the Eazypay app as a weapon to fulfill the dream of making India digital. As we know, Aadhaar card is the ultimate proof of everything and a mandatory thing to open any kinda banking account or any major accounts and ICICI bank is not an exception. The country’s largest private sector bank has decided that payments can be done by using Aadhar Pay, Bharat QR Code.

If you’re a current account holder of ICICI Bank, you can instantly download the ‘Eazypay’ app on smartphones. Over 9,000 businessmen are currently registered with ‘Eazypay’ across Uttar Pradesh and other districts.

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