Virtual ID For Aadhaar Authentication: How To Use Aadhaar Virtual ID or VID

  • The UIDAI has now released the concept of a temporary, 16-digit Virtual ID (VID)
  • Virtual ID would consist random 16-digit temporary, randomly-generated number
  • Aadhaar cardholders can generate Virtual ID from UIDAI website
  • UIDAI will start accepting VID (virtual ID) from March 1, 2018. From June 1, 2018

If you are an online user and checked the UIDAI website then you must know that there is title named ‘ Biometric lock’ through which you can secure your Adhaar number from corrupted people.

The past records of Adhaar card are not good at all. Our website has always updated you till now what had happened to Aadhaar number and how people are corrupting. As our PM has promised to make an India clean from corruption, so here is the solution that will help you to secure your Adhaar.

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The UIDAI has now released the concept of a temporary, 16-digit Virtual ID (VID). Every Aadhaar holder is applicable for Aadhaar authentication purposes. But before that, keep these below mentioned things in your mind, you have to register your Adhaar number with banks, financial institutions, permanent account numbers (PAN), social security schemes and so on and it’s mandatory. Therefore, Aadhaar is to be furnished for availing all these facilities. But with the launch of a Virtual ID, users can provide this temporary 16-digit number for verification purposes.

What Aadhaar virtual ID (VID) mean?

The Virtual ID would consist random 16-digit number, together with biometrics of the user. They would give limited details like name, address and photograph, which are enough for any verification. They will warn you not to share your Adhaar number with anyone.

How to use Aadhaar virtual ID (VID)?

According to UIDAI, “the last digit of the VID is the checksum using ‘Verhoeff’ algorithm as in Aadhaar number. There will be only one active and valid VID for an Aadhaar number at any given time,” the UIDAI said in a statement.

Verhoeff algorithm is a checksum formula for error detection developed by the Dutch mathematician Jacobus Verhoeff.

They also added that “VID, by design being temporary, cannot be used by agencies for de-duplication. VID is revocable and can be replaced by a new one by Aadhaar number holder after the minimum validity period set by UIDAI policy.”

The central government is concerned about the privacy of every single citizen. So, another way to secure your Adhaar number is that ‘limited KYC’. It will only provide need-based or limited details of a user to an authorised agency that is providing a particular service, say, a telecom operator.

When will this process start?

UIDAI will start accepting Aadhaar Virtual ID (virtual ID) from March 1, 2018. From June 1, 2018 it will be mandatory for all agencies that undertake authentication to accept Virtual ID from their users.

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