Facebook Profile Picture Guard: How to Use Facebook Profile Guard to Protect Your Profile Photos


As in the earlier post was about the privacy of Facebook profile picture so it is essential to let you know how to use  Facebook Profile Picture Guard or how you can activate this process of securing your picture. Now it is common in india to hack someone’s profile picture you should take some precautions about it.

Now users can decide who can download and share their profile pictures. Facebook is laughing this tool in India after its outcome from india they will expand the tools to other countries.

Facebook says it has developed this tool in partnership with Centre for Social Research, Learning Links Foundation, Breakthrough and Youth Ki Awaaz. So how does the Facebook Profile Picture Guard work, and how can you use it?

Lets start the process of securing your profile picture; First up, refresh your News Feed on the mobile app of Facebook, and you’ll see a message you to activate the new feature. Just click the next option. Once you’ve activated the Profile Picture Guard, and hit save, the blue shield will appear around your picture on Facebook.

The next way of securing your picture is tap the one Profile Picture in the app, and see if the Profile Picture Guard option has been given in your Facebook or not. If you see it as one of the options in the list, then activate it, after hit the icon once again the blue shield will appear all around it and your profile picture is now completely secure. Facebook’s tool is just rolling out, so it won’t be visible for all users just yet.

Facebook claims that others won’t be able to download, share or send your profile picture in a message on Facebook if you activate this method. Yet your account is not secure because anyone can take a screenshot of your profile picture so we can’t say it is a complete solution given by Facebook because risk is still there. But soon Facebook will find some solution for the benefit of its users.

As Facebook has claimed that safety comes first if anyone find his/her profile picture is used of some other person they can lodge a Report in Facebook and Facebook will surely take some step against the fake users. Rather than keep your profile picture in public you can always set it to just Friends, or a list of custom.

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