Facebook Gives Indian Users To More Control Over Their Profile Pictures


Facebook is giving extra fecility to it’s Indian users they will give people in India more control over who can download and share their profile pictures.

The Facebook company is exploring ways people could more easily add designs to profile pictures. Its is based on what it learns from the experience in India, the social media giant hopes to expand the feature to other countries soon.

In India many woman doesn’t feel comfortable to share their profile picture with anyone because they are concerned about what may happen to their photos.

From now on, people in India would start seeing a step-by-step guide to add an optional profile picture guard. In this new version other people will no longer be able to download, share or send your profile picture in a message on Facebook and they will secure their profile picture from taking screenshots. This type of security is now available on android version but soon this features will be available in other phones too.

The Facebook would also display a blue border and shield around profile picture as a visual cue of protection deterring misuse.


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