UIDAI: Now You Can Update Only Address in Aadhaar Card Via Online Or By Post


Aadhaar update, Given the ever increasing importance of Aadhaar, any spelling errors or other mistakes in your Aadhaar details are likely to lead to problems for you.

UIDAI (unique identification authority of India), the official central governed website of Aadhaar through which one can enroll his/her Aadhaar card or update their Aadhaar if they need to do any correction in their Aadhaar card.

A few days ago it was notified by media that terrorists are paying common people for being their father so that they can have their Aadhaar card. This can be the reason why Aadhaar card centers are closed by the government.

Yeah! You read it rightly, Now if you review the page of UIDAI website, you can see there is no option of updating your Aadhaar mobile number or name or date of birth via online or by post, except address correction. so now you can’t change mobile number or name or date of birth via online or by post. Doesn’t matter who have already registered their mobile number with Aadhaar. Now you can only update mobile number or name or date of birth via registered Aadhaar Centres.

You can see in the picture, here is only address correction option in online mode

A few days ago, obviously you have that option of updating your DOB, Name Correction or other things by sending an OTP. But now it is clearly shown on the website that no other updates will be done on the website except address update.

You can see in the picture, here is also only address correction option by post mode


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