UIDAI: Aadhaar Kendra available in the over 2500 bank branches across the country, New Update From Aadhar


Aadhaar Update, Those who follow us or read our previous article which was based on Aadhaar, they surely know the fact that now onwards the update criteria of Aadhaar card is shifted from online to government registered bank or post office.

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How can you enroll Aadhaar or Aadhaar update?

As the government has announced that from now the Aadhaar centers are shifting to banks, so basically if you go to the Aadhaar centers they would not be able to help you except some Aadhaar centers. This article is based on this problem.

Where and how can you get to know where your Aadhaar centers are?

Go to the UIDAI website, you can see a banner in which they have written that ‘Now you can update only address‘ which means, they will not going to allow you for any kinda updates except the address. But at the same, there is a banner which consists the news that “Aadhaar Kendra available in the over 2500 bank branches across the country”.


Where you should go for Aadhaar update:

Go to the UIDAI website, then go to Enrolment and Update Centers in Bank and Post office > Fill the options State, District, Sub District AND VTC(Village Town City). You can also choose the pin Code and Search Box option to find the nearest Aadhaar centers. It will automatically show you nearest centers with address, agent name, contact number and so and so forth.

Last but the important thing charges of services:
  • Those who will enroll forms for children or for others – They will charge nothing.
  • For those who will update/correction: They will cost Rs.25/ person for DOB, name, mobile number and other things.
  • For black & white print out they will charge Rs.10.

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